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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ethan D'Ercole poster for the Living Room Show

Living Room Gallery
Opening Reception Friday, March 7, 6-9 PM
from the Gossip Wolf:

.........."Last fall artist Ethan D'Ercole (who also plays guitar in Mannequin Men) asked some comrades to contribute work with the theme "outdoors" for a show opening Fri 3/7 in the gallery at LivingRoom Realty. We don't need reminding that the world outside our lair sucks it right now, but the show's lineup of rock-scene artists—including Galactic Inmate guitarist and Gossip Wolf mascot daddy Keith Herzik, Basic Cable drummer Ryan Duggan, Eternals front man Damon Locks, and Reckless Records staffer Kate Ruggeri—is worth braving the elements for. D'Ercole promises "color, humor, and joie de vivre," which sure sounds better than piles of peed-on snow!".......

In November I asked the participants to contribute three pieces to a show about
“outside space, how itʼs used…” I knew the opening would fall in late winter;
however, I didnʼt have any clue how oppressive and relentless the 2014 Chicago
winter would be. Perfect. All this time cooped up indoors will make art about
outside space more wonderful, more therapeutic. I could not have assembled a
better group of artists who balance color, humor, and joie de vivre in a better way.
Itʼs been a long winter. Letʼs go outdoors.!
Ethan M. DʼErcole, Curator"

Winter time is rough!

she will be at Living Room  March 7th!

new batch of posters up at Continental
Chicago and California

poster for my good buddy Paul Nudd's show in March