Friday, November 20, 2009

me and GUNSHO

woo hoo  new buddies!
freak out !
this happened, like, 2 hours ago
now I am at home blgooing it with 
country teasers playin oh the hi fi
I met mr. James Quigley!

copy and paste this:

fantastic artwork!
pretty sure I grew a few more of those brain things...
nuerotransmitters? just by lookin over the amazing drawings on the wall
big ole mural too, but my dumbass didnt get a photo
James is great to talk too

yep I still aint grown my eyes back

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the back side of a eyelid peelin unique multiple

hey Bob!
look! or close your eyes! 


these are all sitting neatly in a pile in my livin room right now!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


whoa it is 11-11
symmetrical date
I like times like 12:51 and 6:19  , 9:16
you can look at those times upside down or right side up!
I like pallindromes  too!
leg and boob dna gel
step on no pets
sex if radar fixes
six at time emit taxis
uhhh..... anyway 
here are few examples of 
posts older than this post 
have a little explanation / process photo spread

keith G symmetry! it is 11-11

the idea is to piece together an image made up symmetrically 
with two parts that fit inversely with each other
when printed, the two pieces will fill in the entire area
1.   draw a picture, 2.   trace the negative areas of the picture
3.  then put the two pictures together in a way so
when the drawing gets 
4.  flipped it fills in the whole area of the page

draw the inverse and then piece it on over!

the two drawings put together!

alll during keith g symmetry

keith G symmetry!!!

keith geee symmetry!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


hoo wee
you heard this band?
wow they rule!
I designed this here seven inch cover for the Submarine Races
I remember bein real proud of the bird on the wire, for some reason....

 hidden references? the snakey thing appears on the back of some dude's fist raised hand on the 
Minute Men album "Double Nickels on the Dime"
seems like Sub Races Bassist Steve has a checkered flag tat on his arm...
and Drummer Paul had a joke about a bucket of fish or somethin...(so I drew the fish bowl headed  dude)

Ian picked out the brown color
the vinyl is shiny doo-doo lookin!
I did artwork for their full length album too!

ay allright!
I drew this up for the Cococoma few years ago
the close up image is a hidden motobike girl (hold your seven inch cover upside me!
and look within the "C" in the middle
old school Shit Sandwich logo on there!