Monday, May 31, 2010

made this while watchin Dragnet, Superman, and the Simpsons

Thursday, May 20, 2010

here is the printed print

pretty happy with the way it came out
the blue ink was super thick and tacky
I thought it might come out too messy but it worked all right
(could be a little more transparent, oh well)
I added "miracle gel" to the red ink and it seemed too creamy during the
all considered it came out cool
first time I ever used two plates!
hell, time to move on to different etchings and techniques

Monday, May 17, 2010

it's clobberin time!
a yorkie poo and a shih(t) poo
I like this little dude a lot!
bichon frise and a terrier mutt
very hard to get a picture of this little dude!

my sunday morning

hey there!

uh... what are yall doin?
I smell something!

composite from etching class

soft ground yielded to these pencil and crayon lines
skinny lines made in hard ground

quick photoshop work made a two color composite

my thursday may 13th 2010

I am taking an copper plate etching class (Intaglio, amigo) taught by Alex Chitty (she rules!) at Spudnik Press here in Chicago (Spudnik rules too!) tuesday and thursday nights
...been about fifteen years since I have done this process, totally excited to be doin it again!
tuesday prior I started with two 5"by 8" pieces of flattened roofing copper
cleaned em, beveled the edges, put hard ground on one (asphaltum?)
and went to town with some needle tools; then thursday while the hardground plate was in the acid bath I put soft ground on the other (sticky asphaltum?) and drew with a pencil and litho crayon on a piece of paper on top of the plate, the pressure from the marks on the paper lifted the soft ground off, in about the space of three hours I had two fully etched and cleaned plates and was able to ink and proof them on BFK paper, whoa, I still was able to go out later and drink beer!

yipes these pictures are out of order but you get the idea right?

cleaning the etched hardground plate with Soy-solve (stuff works!)
etched plate (hardground is the brown stuff)
same thing

from Thursday may 13th 2010

close up of cleaned, etched hardground plate
etched and cleaned hardground plate
my good friend Ian Adams from Maximum Wage
Maximum Wage at Empty Bottle (I went to the show immediately after etching class)
Me and my dog peed in the yard when I finally got home from the evening