Saturday, May 1, 2010

TWIST gallery in Nashville, May first 2010

Twist Art Gallery
73 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219

Minor Victory
May 1 - May 29, 2010

Patrick DeGuira
Brady Haston
Keith Herzik
Mark Hosford
Chris Kerr
Jennifer Leach
Lesley Patterson Marx
Hans Schmidt Matzen

Bryce McCloud

Paul Nudd
DeeDee Scacci
Tom Stack
Manuel Zeitlin
Driving through parts of Nashville can eerily remind one of being
somewhere in Chicago and there is the same feeling of sprawl and
desolation. At times, this feels like we are part of one great American
city. However, this is not the case as both cities have their own rich
and historical identity and are separated and encircled by America’s
farms and countryside. Both Nashville and Chicago are home to and
have been home to many iconic and notorious characters. John Wayne
Gacy, Bill Murray, Hugh Hefner, Donald Rumsfeld, and countless Blues
legends hail from Chicago. Nashville has its own cast of great and
infamous characters: country stars that are to numerous to count, the
notorious Bettie Page, and even the bumbling Fred Thompson.

The artists in “Minor Victory” are the proverbial pumpkin seeds in the
melon we call America and they have walked down the same streets
and alleys as Al Capone and Johnny Cash. As to be expected, any
show combining artist from these cities will be weird at best. “Minor
Victory” has an eclectic mix of irreverent images that lampoon the idea
of the traditional print alongside images that push abstraction toward
its own ambiguous goal. Somehow, the artists in this show continue to
work with an eye to the future as the country goes through an
unsettling economic down turn. This show offers the viewing public a
reprieve from the daily saturation of familiar images seen on the ever
present viewing screen and gives back a little something more to mull

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