Monday, June 7, 2010

more from etching class

drypoint with chin colle from an issue of Marvel Team Up
Spider Man and Frog Man versus the White Rabbit and her gang of thugs
another drypoint with chin colle
(when I was like four years old, one of the first drawings I can ever remember was a little comic book I made
of a Spider Man comic... probably looked kind of like this)
this is a mezzotinted plate made with spray paint and sharpie marker to block out the acid etch,
so the drawn lines come out white (no ink) when wiped and printed...I hand colored it with water color gouache...

ended last week, bummer... I will try to keep up the skills I re-learned

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Alamo Igloo said...

drypoint is when you draw on the plate with a pointy tool or roulette tool to make marks into the metal
NO ACID or etching involved....
the marks into the metal also make burrs for the ink to pick up (the deeper the gouge the more the burr and the more ink gets picked up)
good way to make a sketch look like a champ!
and it is a faster technique since you aren't waiting for the acid to do it's magic