Tuesday, February 2, 2016

from 1996 more name dropping art show flyer why do i have this thing??

The Thumbs!
my band from Austin/San Marcos/Round Rock
Played at this Show
Of 3 of Peter Saul's apostles 
(And lucky Keith Herzik " pearl lager beer drinking Party buddies")
Inspirational and devotional artwork

James Gann!
Sergio Palacios!
Some dude named
Erik Parker?
(Hee hee hee, man...i could of told you back in 1995 that Erik was going to be an art super star!  He worked security backstage when Jesus Christ superstar was playing At UT Bass concert hall.  He  struck up a conversation and showed some slides .... sold several of his paintings to the main character?!!!!
True story!)

(never sold art work to
Jesus Christ Superfly....!!)

Erik demanded that the thumbs play"Panama"
By Van Halen
We did not disappoint
The police showed up (sans Gordon Sumner. ..and shut the music down.
Sergio talked them out of writing us a ticket, which also stalled for time for me to put my clothes back on and hide
The alcohol)
Maybe that is a true story....
P.s. yes it is...

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