Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Me and Steve W. at Lounge Ax (January 2000 closing show. Shellac)

^Click the link above for the video that was on the news ^
Keith Herzik on the left
Steve Walters on the right 
January 2000
One of the final shows at 
The Lounge Ax.
Another Screwball 
Artist ,Bob Hartzell, got me a job running
The light board.  He was the main lighting guy at
Lounge Ax . I worked the last few months before the club shut down
Man! I loved that red flannel shirt. 
Wore it til it was in shreds
Same for my Magilla Gorilla ballcap

I took 
this picture by photographing my wife's phone ,I think Steve Albini's wife Heather took the original photo

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